blackjack strategy card

For no reason at all, I’ve enhanced the blackjack strategy card from I added color coding, and sized it so that it could be printed to a single sheet of paper then folded in half. This way, one side will have single-deck strategy, and the other side will have multiple-deck strategy. Its available in both html and PDF formats. I recommend the PDF version.

I used colors that make sense to me, but if you don’t like them, you can edit the CSS in the html version yourself. I’ve also laminated mine with packing tape to prevent damage from, um, beverages. I recommend you do the same.

6 thoughts on “blackjack strategy card”

  1. Andy, please tell your readers how they might protect their bj strategy cards from smoke, bar drinks, and loose women? Is there anything we can put on the card to protect it from the outside world?

  2. I prefer clear packing tape. Duct tape is more durable, but much less transparent.

    Of course, you could get it laminated at a copy shop as well.

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