Fondue always gets painted as a fad. I’m not sure why though, because there’s nothing transient about bread and cheese. I love fondue, and its something my family did with some frequency growing up, and Michelle and I continue to enjoy it.

There’s the cheese kind, which is my favorite. I especially like Rhinelander’s cheese of all the pre-made. Its made locally (I believe). My mom used to try and make the cheese from scratch, and it never turned out quite as well.

We’ve also experimented with the hot oil type of fondue, where you dip pieces of raw meat in boiling oil to cook it, then dip it in the sauce of your choice. We’ve only done that once, and once was enough. Open flame in your living room is one thing; boiling oil is another.

And to placate the non-cheese lovers, there’s always chocolate. Its decent, but I’ve usually spent my effort and stomach room on cheese and bread. I just don’t get as excited about the chocolate. Some people get too excited:

Sarah - Fondufus

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  1. I was thinking – Maybe its considered a fad because all the devotees died out. You know, heart failure.

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