Panoramic Pictures

I’ve been collecting panoramic pictures slowly, and decided to put some in my gallery. So, without further ado, here they are.

Now that that is aside, how about some more …um… ado. Most were taken with my Canon Powershot S300 (awesome!), but one was taken with my trusty old Pentax P30 SLR. Now that I got the photo-stitch program to run in Classic, I’ve been using it to re-join some pictures. It does a nicer job than I do in photoshop, but there are some oddities. The second image in the gallery is of the Wilson River. I composed it using some open source panoramic stitching program, but I can’t remember the name. I was very pleased with its results. Smokey something comes to mind.

3 thoughts on “Panoramic Pictures”

  1. Great Pics Freed…I thought the one of Tualatin River was funny because there are 2 Barleys, and that pic of downtown was pretty cool too.

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