Dining Set

I spent much of the weekend working on finishing the dining set my grandparents gave us. My mom did the hard work of stripping the previous finish off (yes, I’ve heard plenty of “your mom is a stripper” jokes already). I’ve been putting it off for some time, but it needs to be done by Thanksgiving. I used Watco Danish Oil for everything except the chairs, which I’ll do soon. It really brought the wood back to life. I used natural because Michelle isn’t a fan of dark oak (or oak in general), but this very old set has some really nice detail, and even some random quarter-sawn pieces mixed in. After oiling, the table and sideboard exude color. Now I’m waiting for the first coat of water-based polyurethane to dry. I’m putting urethane on the tops of the table and sideboard so it has scratching, heat, and water resistance. Please God, don’t let the cat get on the table as soon as I leave.

2 thoughts on “Dining Set”

  1. Refinishing furniture can be very time-intensive. I am finishing some shelves with Lindsay right now, and I firmly believe the sanding to be the most dreadful part of the process. I look forward to seeing them up on the walls. We are building them to hold plants up out of the reach of our mangly cats.

  2. Its immensely satisfying if it works the first time around. If the finish gets mired and you have to resand… ughn.

    Good luck. I’m hoping to keep the cat off the table now. He pops up for a view, but I’m worried he’ll scratch it. He’s already scratching the new deck. Better get some post guards on.

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