Cubs Fan Damage

I’m not a violent person, but there was no shortage of violent things I wanted to happen to the jerkwad to prevented Moises Alou from catching a foul ball. It would have been a brilliant play that would have ultimately led to the Cubs going to the world series. I hope you’re happy jerkwad.

5 thoughts on “Cubs Fan Damage”

  1. Security had to escort the jerkwad out of the stadium for fear of 30,000 people kicking his ass.

    Way to screw the team you want to win, dumbass.

  2. The Cubs were already in trouble before the fan caught the ball. It was a stupid move on his part, but I don’t think that play prevented the Cubs from going to the World Series.

  3. In all reality if he hadn’t deflected the ball someone else would have. If you look there are about a dozen people trying to catch the same ball. Oh well… better luck next year to the cubs and red sox.

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