Major League Education

Portland wants a Major League Baseball team. Portland teachers are working 10 unpaid days this year. Hot Pepper, a cool local design firm has great tie in, and bumpersticker.

bring major league education to Portland

One thought on “Major League Education”

  1. Abso-friggin-lutely. I would trade the Cleveland Indians and Browns for “decent” schools in the city and adjacent suburbs. (I would trade the Cavaliers for an oil change and McDonalds gift certificates totaling $20.00) It never fails that a community will pass a tax increase to build a new f-ing stadium (Cleveland – twice!) and have to let the state take over the school district because they do such a piss-poor job. How many fucking millionaires that don’t go to your school district do you need?!?! Sorry for the cursing – just really pisses me off!

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