His hips are fine

Today we had an appointment with Barley’s surgeon. We’ve been waiting to do surgery on his second hip since the first surgery, and figured it was finally time. Oddly enough, his hips look great, and because of the exercise he’s been getting, his thigh muscles help hold his “bad” hip in place. His front leg, which had been developing some arthritis, hasn’t degerated like we’d expected it. The surprise was that he’s got a partially torn ACL.

So, all the parts of him we expected to be bad are fine, and his knee just needs some “adjusting.” This is mostly good news because the surgery is much less expensive than a hip replacement, and is somewhat easier than his previous surgery. Michelle and I are breathing easier, and Barley’s as happy as can be, cause he got to see all his friends at the surgeon.

One thought on “His hips are fine”

  1. Can he score some good doggie pain killers for me while he’s there?

    Seriously, I hope all goes well.

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