Rocket Sled

The neighbor kid was sliding down his driveway in a recycling bin. It’s about a 2 second ride, maybe a drop of 3 or 4 feet, but he rode down it for about half an hour. He’s a unique child, but a blast to watch. He’s always so happy, and always hitting things with sticks; even people’s cars.

He’s funny, but the guy who lives in the apartment next to really takes the neighborhood freak cake. I think he was recently laid off or something. He sits in his apartment without many clothes on, drinking, and rocking out all day. Michelle and I have been trying to think of a nickname for him, but we’ve unsatisfactorily decided on “classic rock.” He’s always singing to the rock radio station. He harasses neighbors, even the cute kid. One time he kept yelling “shit” and variations at me after Barley took a dump in our yard. He yelled at me for not picking it up, and then continuted to yell various feces related rants at me while I grilled dinner. His dog takes a crap in our yard every day, and he’s never picked it up. Jackass.

2 thoughts on “Rocket Sled”

  1. dee’s dog eats his feces, and kate says that rex used to do the same thing. dee used be really traumatized over the whole thing, but she’s okay with it now as she doesn’t have to pick up for it. maybe you could train barley (or at least the neighbor dog) to do that

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